Treetops Ligurian Olives are both colourful and petite typically harvested later then most other table olive varieties.  They are popular favourite not only for their sweet, herbaceous, nutty flavour but being vitamin rich especially in vitamin E.  

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100% Australian grown & processed with no artificial flavours & totally chemical free in natural brine.


The Ligurian Style table olive was developed over four hundred years ago by the Saint Benedictine monks of the Italian Riviera.

These small brown-black olives have a soft olive skin, firm flesh and the pips are easy to remove.  They have a rich, sweet, nutty taste and a very high oil content.   A little bigger and meatier than Nicoise olives, Ligurian Style olives have a wonderful full, aromatic flavour.

They are excellent on their own as an aperitif, in a marinade of olive oil, fresh garlic and strips of orange peel, and are a favourite amongst chefs often served in rich sauces to accompany swordfish and tuna.

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