Our Grove

 - from tree to table -


In 1999, Treetops Plantation was established over 500 hectares with an initial investment of AUD$20 million.  The excellent agro-climatic conditions including temperature, humidity, well drained sandy soils, similar to Mediterranean, are ideal for growing olives and result in consistently high quality yields.  Our first harvest in 2010 produced in excess of 1.2 million kilos of olive fruit.

Because at Treetops Plantation we grow and process our own olives, we guarantee the origin and the quality of our products.  This "tree to table" holistic and natural process is why we can assure you of the full traceability of our product, from where the olives were grown, to the final product.

Our guarantee

  • Full traceability

  • HACCP certified

  • 100% natural brining methods

  • No artificial colours or flavours

  • 100% Australian grown, processed & packed

  • No risky imports - ever!

No imported product and no chemicals...just the best local ingredients for the finest Australian table olives.

We nurture our olive trees to yield healthy, nutrient rich olives, rich in flavour.  We proudly grow, harvest and process our own fruit, ensuring that every single olive is of consistent quality.  


  • Established in 1999
  • Located 70 kilometres (approximately) near Griffith in the beautiful Riverina.
  • 125,000+ olive trees over 332 acres on a total area of 3,378 acres
  • 200 megalitre storage irrigation dam and stat-of-the-art irrigation system
  • The first harvest in 2010 produced 1.2 million kilos
  • The grove has potential to produce over 5 million kilos of olive fruit
  • Kalamata, Manzanillo, Hardy's Mammoth and Ligurian account for over 75% of the 125,000 trees planted
  • The Grove has a potential to double its capacity through new planting within the existing infrastructure