Treetops Plantation Black Manzanillos are naturally tree-ripened, given the time and nurturing to develop into one of our most popular larger table olives.

Available in:

  • sliced

  • whole

  • halved

  • pitted

100% Australian grown & processed with no artificial flavours & totally chemical free in natural brine.


The Manzanillo, originally from Spain, is the most widely planted olive variety in Australia due to its high yielding fruit, and is also the most widespread variety in the world.  Even though the Manzanillo tree can grow like most olive trees, up to ten metres tall, most Manzanillo usually stay around five metres making it easy for harvesting and managing.

The Manzanillo fruit is apple-shaped, light green-coloured and tiny white spots turning more purplish as it matures. It's flesh-to-pit ratio is superb (8.2:1), boasting an excellent texture and is often referred to as a 'free-stone' olive, as the seed is very easy to remove. This attribute makes it highly sought after by the processors of pitted and stuffed olives. 

Manzanilla olives are often seen in appetizers, for example, in antipasto. They are de rigueur in martinis and the luncheon meat referred to as "olive loaf," and are also used to garnish other items. They are frequently added to Arroz con pollo  (a Spanish chicken and rice dish), though in cooked dishes, they should be added towards the end of any cooked food preparation to avoid having them become unpleasantly bitter through the cooking process.


Manzanillo or manzanillo is Spanish for "little apple".