100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our oil is not chemically refined, and hasn’t been sitting on a boat or loading dock for months, before arriving to your shelf.

We crush our locally grown olives from our Bassano Grove in Goolgowi, New South Wales, process free of any artificial colours, flavours or additives, complying with the strictest Australian and HACCP standards, getting to you in the shortest time possible, so you are assured of fresher, healthier and tastier olive oil.

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We grow and process our own olives, so we guarantee the origin and the quality of our products.  This "tree to table" holistic and natural process is why we can assure you of the full traceability of our product, from where the olives were grown, to the final product.  

 No blends, no imported product and no chemicals ... just the best local ingredients for the finest 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Not only is our fruit locally grown on our own 332 acre olive grove in the Riverina, we also have our own world-class processing facility using traditional crushing methods without the use of chemicals, making our Extra Virgin Olive Oil natural and free of any artificial colours or flavours.   This 'tree to table' holistic approach is why we can assure you of the full traceability of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Choose Bassano Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil and you can be confident that you are receiving 100% locally grown and processed, premium olive oil that contains no artificial additives and is completely natural and rich in flavour and intensity.

Recommended for Salads, pan-frying and everything where taste is important.

Ingredients 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (grown and packed in Australia).

Available in  Bulk, IBCs, 4 litre & 10 litre tins

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Do you know what you are paying for, when you buy imported olive oil from Europe?

Australians buying imported olive oils are often being duped with many of the imported olive oils failing Australian standards and being labelled incorrectly. When it comes to food fraud, olive oil is the most prone product with anything from the substitution of Greek olive oil for Italian, to the addition of refined olive oils or cheaper seed oils such as corn oil into Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

By choosing Bassano Estate 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you are assured of fresh, authentic 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We encourage you to buy Australian, not only for the survival of the industry but to ensure you are guaranteed fresh, genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you haven’t already; make the pledge today.